ETH Holder Redemption

Welcome to Bithereum’s Redemption page for Ethereum holders! To initialize the process, please proceed below and follow the instructions from there. For further details on the process, please refer to Bithereum’s redemption blog post or FAQ.

Note: coins won't be released until after late-September launch

IMPORTANT: When using this page, it is best to go offline before generating your address. Alternatively, you can run this page on your own machine by downloading it from the Bithereum Github. A detailed guide on how to setup the wallet address generator can be found here.


Create a BTH address

In order to redeem BTH, you'll need to generate a new BTH address.

Generate Address

Save BTH private key and public key

Make sure to note down your newly created BTH public key and private key. NEVER share your private key with anyone!

Bithereum Address
Private Key
Bithereum Address
Private Key
Print Address

Save your hexed BTH address

Make note of your hexed public key, you will need it when you send your zero ETH transaction.

Hexed Bithereum Address

PLEASE NOTE: This next step is optional for participants of Bithereum's bounty program.


Send 0 ETH transaction

If you would like to redeem your BTH as an ETH holder, you can do so by sending a 0 ETH transaction to the Bithereum smart contract.

Choose the Ethereum Wallet you would like to use to redeem Bithereum through. You will be directed to a Medium tutorial for the next steps.